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Be Aware of Yourself

Yes!  Be aware of yourself, your body, your skin!!

It is important that we are aware of how our skin reacts to every situation, every contact; as well as the way our stomach reacts to everything we consume.  If you will remember from the earlier pages I have written, it is really important to have a clean stomach to have clear skin.

As for changes, reactions our skin exhibits to any situation or contact…… remember that we are constantly exposed to dust, exhaust fumes, contaminated water.  Again, if you will remember I had mentioned in one of my earlier pages that you should be careful what object you touch in public place and how you prevent contact of bacteria with our skin.

Always carry Hand Sanitiser and clean wet tissues. 

In summer, and if you have oily skin, ensure to keep your nose, chin and forehead free of oil accumulation.

Watch how you relax while sitting.  While sitting at a table or a desk, if you are in the habit of using your hand as a support pedestal and of resting your chin on the palm of this ‘pedestal’, then snap out of this habit as soon as possible.  Not  only are your transferring the dust, germs, etc. to your face from your hands, you are also putting stress on the muscles and cells of the skin resulting in loose, wrinkled and tired facial skin.

Some of us have the habit of constantly rubbing our eyes.  This is the main reason for those never fading ‘dark circles’ under the eyes.  There is very fine, microscopic blood cappilaries under the eyes.  Everytime we rub our eyes and under the eyes, we are hurting these cappilaries.  These cappilaries are so very delivate that, due to our vigourous rubbing, they get hurt and burst.  when we stop rubbing, these begin the healing process.  THis repeatitive action results in darkening of that particular area,  hence giving us constant dark circles and a tired and unwell look.  So, all thos with the ‘eye rubbing’ habit, please STOP rubbing your eyes….remember when you were a child, Mamma and Granny always stopped you from rubbing your eyes?!

Ensure to use scrub at least once a week on face and rest of the body to get rid of the dead cells.
It is extremely important to ensure we exfoliate our skin regularly; especially, a week or 10 days after we get waxing done, use scrub or loofa every alternate for 15 days, on our hands hand legs.  This will help to ensure, there is no ugly undergrowth of hair.  Do not forget to use astringent after exfoliating and mosturising before exposing your skin to extreme weathers.

If you notice any abscess, dry or flaky or reddish wrinkled spots, constant itching, warts on any part of your body, do not ignore.
First apply home remedies, if that does not help, rush to a good doctor.

Be aware of yourself….be aware of your body!!

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