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Whenever we talk of beauty the names that come to our minds are Cleopatra!

It is believed that Cleopatra used to submerge herself in a bath of milk and honey regularly, and this was believed to have been the secret behind her soft and radiant skin!
I am not surprised.  Both Milk and Honey have the properties that can provide holistic kind of nourishment to the skin.


Though my Granny did not know the benefits of milk and honey very scientifically, she swore by her teenage years to emphasise that there is no better moisturiser and de-tanner than MILK and HONEY.

She got me addicted to making sure I add either milk cream or sour curds along with honey in my weekly face pack.

When I was about 36 years old, I got this ‘pimple’ on the TIP of my nose!  A fine place to have a pimple I must say – like a signal light!!
I could not resist and I kept plucking at it despite knowing that by doing so I will have a scar or at least a mark left behind.  but I just could not bear the embarrassment of that pimple in that spot!!!

As expected, the bump went away from all the pucking and peeling but a nice 3mm diameter mark was left behind!  While I was admiring this trophy in the mirror one tuesday morning as I was getting dressed to go to work, my niece called up….she announced that she had taken appointment with GK Vale for shooting family portraits (photographs) on Friday!!  That was just 3 days away!!

OMG….OMG…OMG….what do I do about this mark on my nose?  Camera lens love to romance with such shameful sights.

I left for work feeling depressed and worried!  The whole day I kept breaking my head for a quick fix.  Then Eureka..!!!!!  On my way back from work it struck me and I kicked myself for forgetting such a valuable lesson learnt in teenage… Granny’s famous facepack!!

I did spot application of this pack on my nose twice a day starting tuesday night, ending friday morning for 20 minutes.  Also applied the pack on total face and neck on tuesday, wednesday and thursday nights for 40 minutes (20 minutes of spot application was in addition to 40 minutes of global application), and voila….. my face was as good as New!!

Recipe for this facepack is ………..
at the bottom………….

Benefits of Milk:

We all know Milk contains lactic acid.  This lactic acid helps in getting rid of dead cells from epidermal surface; so application of milk or milk cream is the easiest, quickest and most economical way of exfoliation.  This acid dissolves the protein binding the dead cells, thus helping in exfoliating and in revealing radiant skin.
The ‘animal’ protein, enzymes, amino acids and antioxidants provide nourishment for stronger and decease free skin.
The ‘fat’ or grease present in milk hydrates and moisturises the skin making it soft and supple.

Milk can be used for treating skin in the form of curds as well.  When milk is curdled by a natural process it forms curds or yoghurt.


Curds or Yoghurt is categorised as “probiotic” meaning “that which supports and is for life”.  It has been proved clinically that this substance is rich in zinc, calcium, lactic acid, Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, protien and yeast along with good bacteria.
Curds or Yoghurt helps in treating pimples, cleaning and shrinking the pores (this prevents foreign deposits in skin giving raise to pimples), and improves the texture of skin. Enzymes in curds add natural oil to skin and provides a healthy glow.

Benefits of Honey:

And then there is HONEY!  Just the thought of Honey makes me believe that God created it simply because He loves us immensely!!  Honey is the greatest gift by God to mankind!  For many many centuries honey is being use for beauty and medical treatments.


This natural nectar contains 80% sugar and rest of the 20% compiles of iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and amino acids along with Vitamin C, B and water.
Humectant qualities of honey promote retention of moisture, hence, its application on skin helps to keep skin supple and elastic and thus prevent wrinkles and dryness.
Antibacteria and antimicrobial properties of honey help prevent bacterial growth on skin and can be used for treating wounds, cuts, abrasions, acne, pimples.
Natural Antioxidants in honey protect and also fix the damage done to skin by Sun’s UV rays.  Hence, it can be used as sunscreen, de-tanner as well as scars and marks remover.

By exploiting the benefits of these two wonderful natural substances, this was the facepack my Granny suggested:
2 teaspoons of Besan (green gram powder)
1/8th teaspoon of turmeric
1/2 teaspoon of Rose Water

1/4th teaspoon of fresh Lemon juice
1 teaspoon of Honey

Required amount of sour (cold) Curd
Make a smooth paste of these and apply on face, leave it on for 40 minutes and wash off.  While washing, gently rub the pack in slow round motions to ensure complete exfoliation.

After washing off the facepack, do not apply anything else on face overnight.  Then in the morning, as done everyday, 15 minutes before taking shower, apply milk cream and wash off as usual.

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