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Grand Ma’s Dietary Advise

I started the post with a lot of stress on how listening to my Grand Ma helped me with ‘Forever Young’ looking skin.
She was the one who convinced me that first we need to fix the skin from inside before maintaining it from outside.
I stayed with my Grand Parents for Two years – the year before reacing puberty and the year after reaching puberty.  These are extremely critical years when the body is experiencing immence harmonal changes.  These harmonal changes show themselves to the outside world right on our faces in the form of pimples!  As I mentioned right in the beginning, if we take care of these pimples as soon as they start erupting, half our problem is solved.
It was during these two years that I learnt of many minor matters that we generally tend to ignore.  I must say that I was a little scared of Grand ma and most of the right things I did out of fear than understanding.  But now in retrospect, I guess she knew me better than me – I might not have taken her advise seriously if she had not been such a tyrant!! 🙂
Following were her ‘mantras’:
  • First of all, get good EIGHT hours sleep and allow the harmones to do their job and sort out all physiological issues inside the body itself.
  • Drink good amount of fluids to flush out toxins and keep the body hydrated.
  • Not too much cooked coconut, raw is fine.
  • No pickles or deep fired yummy snacks
  • Drink milk (yuk!), better to drink with a pinch of turmeric and black pepper and some honey
  • No coffee!
  • No Plain Flour dishes
  • Do not skip curd-rice from any meal no matter what the weather is like
  • Drink lots of tender coconut water in Summers
  • Consume tender fruits of the Asian Palmyra (Ice-Apple in English, Tari in Hindi, Taatinungu in Kannada)
  • Buttermilk! Lots of it!! Drink…drink….drink….
I grew up with these dos and don’ts. These have become habits now!  Good habits I must say.
Along the way as I grew out of teenage, finished college, started working, got married, etc….
I made many friends along the way, good ones who still swear by me!  As everyone knows, most of the girl talk is about skin, hair, clothes, shoes, bags!  We too used to exchange notes on these topics.  It was during this time that I stumbles across many more tips to keep the skin healthy!  Some of these tips being:
  • Eat Sunflower seeds!
  • Drink bitter melon juice
Cod Liver Oil Capsules
  • Don’t smoke
  • Go easy on alcohol
  • ‘No-no’ to too much sweets
  • Eat fish alternate days and if you are not a ‘fish person’ then take Cod-liver oil capsules
  • Absolutely no bakery dishes
  • No junk snacks like Mixture, Sev, Haldiram’s
  • No Breakfast crereals
I must say I am guilty of not following all these good habits regularly.  But then I have done pretty well so far.
Trust me friends, once you develop these habits, you will see a sea of difference in your skin texture.
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