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Milky Ways or Spirits in Smoke?

We all want to look young, but none of us really behaves young.
We all want baby skin, but sneer at and call those who have good habits as “babies” or “sissies”
What irony!!

We think that once we are adults, we should give up good habits like drinking milk.  Alcohol and cigarettes are more suited for adults, milk is for babies.

Baby Skin

Well then, in that case, why don’t you just settle for ‘adult’ skin – open pores, wrinkles, pigmentation, dehydrated, scars, acne’s….. I can go on and on….

From the moment we are born, we are fed milk.  Why? Because only in milk there are all the vitamins, proteins and minerals that are essential for development of each and every cell in our body!  When we talk of skin, well, the zinc and vitamin A help prevent acne from inside, B-complex vitamins and proteins help prevent the ageing of skin, lactic acid clears the dead cells, fat content helps to moisturise and keep the skin hydrated ……all this put together we have enough manure from inside to keep the skin firm and glowing from the outside!  Now we know why baby skin is so beautiful!!

In contrast, if we drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes, we are figuratively, wringing out every ounce of water from our system.  Sure we drink water alongside while consuming these products, but then alcohol and cigarette even out the water we drink and not much is left for the skin to remain hydrated.

Left side is before getting
into habit of drinking Alcohol,
Right side is after contant
drinking for a week!

Alcohol has toxins that act as catalysts in cellulite (dead cells) build-up making the skin look blotchy and spotty.  most of us mix our spirits with cola (which already has caffeine), soda and other aerated drinks, this has completely reverse effect of drinking water.  A spirited drink not only dehydrates the skin, but also depletes the skin of vital nutrients.  resultant skin appears dull, wrinkled and aged.
The reason our face looks puffed and swollen the morning after a great party is because alcohol causes facial blood vessels to dilate.  Repeated or Over indulgence to this spirit can cause the vessels to dilate for good!
Also, any pre-exsting skin conditions becomes worse with alcohol consumption.

Similarly, smoking leads to premature ageing and wrinkles, along with serious conditions like cancer and psoriasis.  Even second-hand smokers are not spared of this curse!  That is why, at the risk of appearing rude, when I am with a smoker, I either ask them to put off their cigarette (if they are smoking) or do not give them permission to smoke (if they are decent enough to take my permission before lighting a killer).

As per some scientific studies, cigarette smoke reduces capillaty and arteriole blood flow, thus, damaging connective tissues required for maintaining healthy skin.  Also, it has been proved through research that smoking causes skin to age much faster than harsh sunlight; and as expected women are at greater risk than men.

Why not cut down on alcohol and quite smoking, get addicted to milk drinking to help preserve those good looks?

Its no wonder that even at the age of 75 my mother looked radiant and 10 years younger than her actual age!  She never stopped drinking milk.  She drank at least 220ml daily before going to bed.
I always hated the taste of milk, but Mom made sure to get some of it down my throat every day till I got married!  So, maybe, 28 years of milk drinking has given my skin some strength to survive my vices till now!!

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