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More than Veggies

Okay then, I expect that most of you who have read my previous page would now be on their way to getting hooked on Raw Veggies!

But just adding raw vegetables to your diet is not enough.  You need to work on the “Do’s and Do not’s” of good quality diet to ensure good quality skin.

Junk food is a BIG “NO-NO” no matter what your age!  Well, once in a month or 2 you can surely indulge, but on a regular basis its simply too bad for skin.

We all know burgers, pizzas, pastries, chocolate bars are not good for health…umm….skin!  But still we eat them.  Why?  Apart from taste, we really have no idea what exactly it is that causes the damage to our system, so, we don’t pay much attention to warnings (just the way smokers continue to smoke).


The principal ingredient in these burgers and pizzas is Plain Flour.  Since Plain Flour is just that – PLAIN – no fibre, no nutrients…just flour.  This flour sits in stomach like cement, it does not get digested easily resulting in indigestion and toxins formation.  Then there are greasy ingredients such as deep fired cutlets, mayonnaise, cheese, butter… these oily substances go and enter the blood stream, get collected between the muscles and under the skin, making the skin rubbery, oily and ugly.  Pimples, warts, white heads, black heads are resultant of excessive oil in our body.

Pastries and chocolates and any bakery product are made from Plain Flour and lots and lots of grease; don’t forget the lactose, sugar and salt that go into sweet products.  All these are fats pump in excessive oil to our oil glands, the dust and pollution from out side block our skin pores resulting in black heads, pimples and other skin problems.  Excessive sugar in our system leads to flushed, hot dry skin resulting in pre-mature wrinkles.  This should explain how pastries and chocolates and milk shakes do no favour to the skin quality.

Coming to Indian Junk Food…..again Sweets!  Jalebis, Gulab Jamuns, Laddoos…. all these have the same effect on our system as parties and chocolates.  But what about Chaats??  How are they harmful?  So much of vegetables, eaten fresh and hot from the stove, then how??

INDIAN Junk Food

Well….chaats of all kinds have raw onions in them.  God knows when they would have been cut! God know how hygienic the person is who cut those onions!!  Did you know onions are extremely quick at accepting, absorbing and retaining bacteria, virus and such germs from contact and even air?  While eating chaats you are

swallowing germs expelled by the body of the person who cut the onions – could be flu virus, eczema in the fold of their skin or some dust under their nails….yuk…..  And then consider the way these pre-cut onions are stored – these pieces can absorb and virus or bacteria floating the air in vicinity.  Then there are the deep fired pooris, sev, pav with butter….not to mention all that excessive spices / masalas.  Let’s not forget a whole lot of sodium-bi-carbonate used in these commercial food – this dehydrates the skin.
What’s wrong with masalas?  We eat them everyday in our meals!

Well…remember every thing in Moderation and with the right mix or titration of ingredients!  Everyday food that we eat has the right combination of minerals, vitamins and proteins.  If these combinations and formulae are changed and excess of chilli or cardamom or black pepper are thrown in to change the taste of the food or to appeal to varied palates can have varied unpleasant chemical reactions in our body, leading to acidity or indegestion – core reasons for excessive body heat, dehydration and toxins prodution in blood.
Same holds good for our famous Indian Pickles!!

Oil is required for lubricating our joints and to give sheen to our skin and hair.  But then so far I have been saying that oily food is ‘junk food’!!  Well….again….”everything in moderation!”
2 capsules of Cod Lever or Fish Oil, 2 times a day with each big meal
2-4 tspns of Ghee spaced between all the big meals in a day
2 slices or cubes of cheese in a day
2 slices of buttered toast
Along with normal amount of cooking oil required for cooking – such as Olive(Pomace) Oil, Sunflower Oil, Rice Barn Oil….
A glass of milk at bed time
This much of greasy food in a day is enough for us….

Remember – tastier the food, worse it is for health and skin – what an irony!!

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