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Moving on

Last page I blogged under Skin Care post was long time ago – almost an year now, in June 2013.

In the last page I had mentioned how water is our panacea for not only skin but for overall health.
Actually everything that we use in our everyday life can be used to benefit our skin health.  We just need to know what to use when and how to use or consume it.

I have mentioned how coffee, tea, milk, honey, alcohol, cigarettes, chocolates, sugar, etc., affect our skin – whether positive or negative.

It’s now time for me to share the little secret recipes that I know of, from my various conversations with my grandmother, and many other knowledgeable people; and, from having tried most of them on my own self.
These secrets I shall publish as separate posts instead of as pages under this particular post.
I decided this way of sharing my knowledge, just for ease of access to my blogs.

Your suggestions and tips are most welcome to improve my way of writing, content of my blogs, and also any corrections or additional information to what I put down in my posts. Fill out the form below to contact me!

Thanks to all those who spare some of their time to read what I write.


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