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Nature the Panecea!

To keep our skin smooth and glowing, there are so many suggestions, advises and options!  Nature is full of remedies and supplements to help us.  The point here is what to use?

Nature’s Bounty

What works for one person may not work for another.  But Nature has enough and more to help each and everyone of us.  However, the biggest question that always stares in our face, when we look for natural remedies for skin care, is… what do I use?

We keep asking this question from all around us, when we have the solutions right in our kitchens and our gardens.
In my earlier page names Cleopatra, I mentioned about milk, curds, besan and honey – both ingredients are from our kitchen.  I also mentioned Rose Water – comes from our neighbourhood super market or pharmacy and roses come from our gardens.
With so many options and possibilities…now even I am confused where to start!

Let’s start with the safest and most commonly and easily available natural product….WATER!

It is a good habit to wash hands and feet with water as soon as we come home from outside.  However, be careful, you might get obsessed with hand washing ritual.  If you use warm water or soap every time you wash, then this could lead to squeezing out oil from skin at regular intervals leaving it wrinkles and itchy.  Same thing holds good for your feet and face as well.

However, if you use just plain water, it is good.  Make sure to wash you face 5 to 6 times a day with just plain cold water.  This will help in keeping the skin well hydrated.  But do not overdo it.

Make sure the water tanks of your house are clean so that the water that you use for washing you body is not contaminated with fungus or any other bacteria.  If you live in apartments and doubtful of tank water qaulity then for washing face and mouth, use drinking water.

“Water is,the elixir of life, water has medicinal value.
Water is the primary necessity of the human body. Water is alike the elixir of life because of which the body is purified and we become energetic. Water also possesses medicinal value. It frees the body from different doshas (ailments) and is known as Bheshagya. It gives us good health, happiness and Contentment.” —– Atharva Veda

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