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Keep Warm from Inside

Weather across the globe is so varied.  While some continents freeze up from November to February, there are others that would be scorching under harsh Sun!  Right now most part of the globe is feeling cold.  As we move up towards North from Tropic of Cancer the temperature keeps dipping, making it difficult to be comfortable and warm.  Many a times wearing layers of warm clothing or cuddling under 2-3 blankets doesn’t seem enough, because, our body is not warm enough within.

So, what do we do to keep warm from inside?  Every country, every region has their own methods of warming themselves up; and these methods date back to centuries – almost unrecorded, non-dated, hand-me-down methods.

Recently, while I was suffering from uncured pulmonary problems, for which doctors could not figure out the cause, and could not treat satisfactorily, I simply started drinking warm-to-hot water instead of cold water, while making myself some herbal teas every now and then.  Suddenly one day an idea struck upon me!

I took a big flask. Dropped some cinnamon sticks, cloves and licorice stem in the flask.  Filled the flask with boiling hot water.  Put the lid on and left it for 2-3 hours.  Strained the water from this flask into another flask, add some more boiling water to the first flask, put the lid on and left it to infuse.  I started drinking this tea through the day, almost replacing it with plain water.

I continued drinking this water for 3 weeks, regularly.  4th week I drank just plain warm water.  Again from 5th week, for next 3 weeks I drank this tea and again gave a break of one week.  For almost 3 months I followed this cycle….and then…viola… chest had cleared!!

I can’t say I am a 100% fit now, but I am getting there!!

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Moving on

Last page I blogged under Skin Care post was long time ago – almost an year now, in June 2013.

In the last page I had mentioned how water is our panacea for not only skin but for overall health.
Actually everything that we use in our everyday life can be used to benefit our skin health.  We just need to know what to use when and how to use or consume it.

I have mentioned how coffee, tea, milk, honey, alcohol, cigarettes, chocolates, sugar, etc., affect our skin – whether positive or negative.

It’s now time for me to share the little secret recipes that I know of, from my various conversations with my grandmother, and many other knowledgeable people; and, from having tried most of them on my own self.
These secrets I shall publish as separate posts instead of as pages under this particular post.
I decided this way of sharing my knowledge, just for ease of access to my blogs.

Your suggestions and tips are most welcome to improve my way of writing, content of my blogs, and also any corrections or additional information to what I put down in my posts. Fill out the form below to contact me!

Thanks to all those who spare some of their time to read what I write.


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Nature the Panecea!

To keep our skin smooth and glowing, there are so many suggestions, advises and options!  Nature is full of remedies and supplements to help us.  The point here is what to use?

Nature’s Bounty

What works for one person may not work for another.  But Nature has enough and more to help each and everyone of us.  However, the biggest question that always stares in our face, when we look for natural remedies for skin care, is… what do I use?

We keep asking this question from all around us, when we have the solutions right in our kitchens and our gardens.
In my earlier page names Cleopatra, I mentioned about milk, curds, besan and honey – both ingredients are from our kitchen.  I also mentioned Rose Water – comes from our neighbourhood super market or pharmacy and roses come from our gardens.
With so many options and possibilities…now even I am confused where to start!

Let’s start with the safest and most commonly and easily available natural product….WATER!

It is a good habit to wash hands and feet with water as soon as we come home from outside.  However, be careful, you might get obsessed with hand washing ritual.  If you use warm water or soap every time you wash, then this could lead to squeezing out oil from skin at regular intervals leaving it wrinkles and itchy.  Same thing holds good for your feet and face as well.

However, if you use just plain water, it is good.  Make sure to wash you face 5 to 6 times a day with just plain cold water.  This will help in keeping the skin well hydrated.  But do not overdo it.

Make sure the water tanks of your house are clean so that the water that you use for washing you body is not contaminated with fungus or any other bacteria.  If you live in apartments and doubtful of tank water qaulity then for washing face and mouth, use drinking water.

“Water is,the elixir of life, water has medicinal value.
Water is the primary necessity of the human body. Water is alike the elixir of life because of which the body is purified and we become energetic. Water also possesses medicinal value. It frees the body from different doshas (ailments) and is known as Bheshagya. It gives us good health, happiness and Contentment.” —– Atharva Veda

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Be Aware of Yourself

Yes!  Be aware of yourself, your body, your skin!!

It is important that we are aware of how our skin reacts to every situation, every contact; as well as the way our stomach reacts to everything we consume.  If you will remember from the earlier pages I have written, it is really important to have a clean stomach to have clear skin.

As for changes, reactions our skin exhibits to any situation or contact…… remember that we are constantly exposed to dust, exhaust fumes, contaminated water.  Again, if you will remember I had mentioned in one of my earlier pages that you should be careful what object you touch in public place and how you prevent contact of bacteria with our skin.

Always carry Hand Sanitiser and clean wet tissues. 

In summer, and if you have oily skin, ensure to keep your nose, chin and forehead free of oil accumulation.

Watch how you relax while sitting.  While sitting at a table or a desk, if you are in the habit of using your hand as a support pedestal and of resting your chin on the palm of this ‘pedestal’, then snap out of this habit as soon as possible.  Not  only are your transferring the dust, germs, etc. to your face from your hands, you are also putting stress on the muscles and cells of the skin resulting in loose, wrinkled and tired facial skin.

Some of us have the habit of constantly rubbing our eyes.  This is the main reason for those never fading ‘dark circles’ under the eyes.  There is very fine, microscopic blood cappilaries under the eyes.  Everytime we rub our eyes and under the eyes, we are hurting these cappilaries.  These cappilaries are so very delivate that, due to our vigourous rubbing, they get hurt and burst.  when we stop rubbing, these begin the healing process.  THis repeatitive action results in darkening of that particular area,  hence giving us constant dark circles and a tired and unwell look.  So, all thos with the ‘eye rubbing’ habit, please STOP rubbing your eyes….remember when you were a child, Mamma and Granny always stopped you from rubbing your eyes?!

Ensure to use scrub at least once a week on face and rest of the body to get rid of the dead cells.
It is extremely important to ensure we exfoliate our skin regularly; especially, a week or 10 days after we get waxing done, use scrub or loofa every alternate for 15 days, on our hands hand legs.  This will help to ensure, there is no ugly undergrowth of hair.  Do not forget to use astringent after exfoliating and mosturising before exposing your skin to extreme weathers.

If you notice any abscess, dry or flaky or reddish wrinkled spots, constant itching, warts on any part of your body, do not ignore.
First apply home remedies, if that does not help, rush to a good doctor.

Be aware of yourself….be aware of your body!!

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Whenever we talk of beauty the names that come to our minds are Cleopatra!

It is believed that Cleopatra used to submerge herself in a bath of milk and honey regularly, and this was believed to have been the secret behind her soft and radiant skin!
I am not surprised.  Both Milk and Honey have the properties that can provide holistic kind of nourishment to the skin.


Though my Granny did not know the benefits of milk and honey very scientifically, she swore by her teenage years to emphasise that there is no better moisturiser and de-tanner than MILK and HONEY.

She got me addicted to making sure I add either milk cream or sour curds along with honey in my weekly face pack.

When I was about 36 years old, I got this ‘pimple’ on the TIP of my nose!  A fine place to have a pimple I must say – like a signal light!!
I could not resist and I kept plucking at it despite knowing that by doing so I will have a scar or at least a mark left behind.  but I just could not bear the embarrassment of that pimple in that spot!!!

As expected, the bump went away from all the pucking and peeling but a nice 3mm diameter mark was left behind!  While I was admiring this trophy in the mirror one tuesday morning as I was getting dressed to go to work, my niece called up….she announced that she had taken appointment with GK Vale for shooting family portraits (photographs) on Friday!!  That was just 3 days away!!

OMG….OMG…OMG….what do I do about this mark on my nose?  Camera lens love to romance with such shameful sights.

I left for work feeling depressed and worried!  The whole day I kept breaking my head for a quick fix.  Then Eureka..!!!!!  On my way back from work it struck me and I kicked myself for forgetting such a valuable lesson learnt in teenage… Granny’s famous facepack!!

I did spot application of this pack on my nose twice a day starting tuesday night, ending friday morning for 20 minutes.  Also applied the pack on total face and neck on tuesday, wednesday and thursday nights for 40 minutes (20 minutes of spot application was in addition to 40 minutes of global application), and voila….. my face was as good as New!!

Recipe for this facepack is ………..
at the bottom………….

Benefits of Milk:

We all know Milk contains lactic acid.  This lactic acid helps in getting rid of dead cells from epidermal surface; so application of milk or milk cream is the easiest, quickest and most economical way of exfoliation.  This acid dissolves the protein binding the dead cells, thus helping in exfoliating and in revealing radiant skin.
The ‘animal’ protein, enzymes, amino acids and antioxidants provide nourishment for stronger and decease free skin.
The ‘fat’ or grease present in milk hydrates and moisturises the skin making it soft and supple.

Milk can be used for treating skin in the form of curds as well.  When milk is curdled by a natural process it forms curds or yoghurt.


Curds or Yoghurt is categorised as “probiotic” meaning “that which supports and is for life”.  It has been proved clinically that this substance is rich in zinc, calcium, lactic acid, Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, protien and yeast along with good bacteria.
Curds or Yoghurt helps in treating pimples, cleaning and shrinking the pores (this prevents foreign deposits in skin giving raise to pimples), and improves the texture of skin. Enzymes in curds add natural oil to skin and provides a healthy glow.

Benefits of Honey:

And then there is HONEY!  Just the thought of Honey makes me believe that God created it simply because He loves us immensely!!  Honey is the greatest gift by God to mankind!  For many many centuries honey is being use for beauty and medical treatments.


This natural nectar contains 80% sugar and rest of the 20% compiles of iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and amino acids along with Vitamin C, B and water.
Humectant qualities of honey promote retention of moisture, hence, its application on skin helps to keep skin supple and elastic and thus prevent wrinkles and dryness.
Antibacteria and antimicrobial properties of honey help prevent bacterial growth on skin and can be used for treating wounds, cuts, abrasions, acne, pimples.
Natural Antioxidants in honey protect and also fix the damage done to skin by Sun’s UV rays.  Hence, it can be used as sunscreen, de-tanner as well as scars and marks remover.

By exploiting the benefits of these two wonderful natural substances, this was the facepack my Granny suggested:
2 teaspoons of Besan (green gram powder)
1/8th teaspoon of turmeric
1/2 teaspoon of Rose Water

1/4th teaspoon of fresh Lemon juice
1 teaspoon of Honey

Required amount of sour (cold) Curd
Make a smooth paste of these and apply on face, leave it on for 40 minutes and wash off.  While washing, gently rub the pack in slow round motions to ensure complete exfoliation.

After washing off the facepack, do not apply anything else on face overnight.  Then in the morning, as done everyday, 15 minutes before taking shower, apply milk cream and wash off as usual.

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Grand Ma’s Dietary Advise

I started the post with a lot of stress on how listening to my Grand Ma helped me with ‘Forever Young’ looking skin.
She was the one who convinced me that first we need to fix the skin from inside before maintaining it from outside.
I stayed with my Grand Parents for Two years – the year before reacing puberty and the year after reaching puberty.  These are extremely critical years when the body is experiencing immence harmonal changes.  These harmonal changes show themselves to the outside world right on our faces in the form of pimples!  As I mentioned right in the beginning, if we take care of these pimples as soon as they start erupting, half our problem is solved.
It was during these two years that I learnt of many minor matters that we generally tend to ignore.  I must say that I was a little scared of Grand ma and most of the right things I did out of fear than understanding.  But now in retrospect, I guess she knew me better than me – I might not have taken her advise seriously if she had not been such a tyrant!! 🙂
Following were her ‘mantras’:
  • First of all, get good EIGHT hours sleep and allow the harmones to do their job and sort out all physiological issues inside the body itself.
  • Drink good amount of fluids to flush out toxins and keep the body hydrated.
  • Not too much cooked coconut, raw is fine.
  • No pickles or deep fired yummy snacks
  • Drink milk (yuk!), better to drink with a pinch of turmeric and black pepper and some honey
  • No coffee!
  • No Plain Flour dishes
  • Do not skip curd-rice from any meal no matter what the weather is like
  • Drink lots of tender coconut water in Summers
  • Consume tender fruits of the Asian Palmyra (Ice-Apple in English, Tari in Hindi, Taatinungu in Kannada)
  • Buttermilk! Lots of it!! Drink…drink….drink….
I grew up with these dos and don’ts. These have become habits now!  Good habits I must say.
Along the way as I grew out of teenage, finished college, started working, got married, etc….
I made many friends along the way, good ones who still swear by me!  As everyone knows, most of the girl talk is about skin, hair, clothes, shoes, bags!  We too used to exchange notes on these topics.  It was during this time that I stumbles across many more tips to keep the skin healthy!  Some of these tips being:
  • Eat Sunflower seeds!
  • Drink bitter melon juice
Cod Liver Oil Capsules
  • Don’t smoke
  • Go easy on alcohol
  • ‘No-no’ to too much sweets
  • Eat fish alternate days and if you are not a ‘fish person’ then take Cod-liver oil capsules
  • Absolutely no bakery dishes
  • No junk snacks like Mixture, Sev, Haldiram’s
  • No Breakfast crereals
I must say I am guilty of not following all these good habits regularly.  But then I have done pretty well so far.
Trust me friends, once you develop these habits, you will see a sea of difference in your skin texture.
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More than Veggies

Okay then, I expect that most of you who have read my previous page would now be on their way to getting hooked on Raw Veggies!

But just adding raw vegetables to your diet is not enough.  You need to work on the “Do’s and Do not’s” of good quality diet to ensure good quality skin.

Junk food is a BIG “NO-NO” no matter what your age!  Well, once in a month or 2 you can surely indulge, but on a regular basis its simply too bad for skin.

We all know burgers, pizzas, pastries, chocolate bars are not good for health…umm….skin!  But still we eat them.  Why?  Apart from taste, we really have no idea what exactly it is that causes the damage to our system, so, we don’t pay much attention to warnings (just the way smokers continue to smoke).


The principal ingredient in these burgers and pizzas is Plain Flour.  Since Plain Flour is just that – PLAIN – no fibre, no nutrients…just flour.  This flour sits in stomach like cement, it does not get digested easily resulting in indigestion and toxins formation.  Then there are greasy ingredients such as deep fired cutlets, mayonnaise, cheese, butter… these oily substances go and enter the blood stream, get collected between the muscles and under the skin, making the skin rubbery, oily and ugly.  Pimples, warts, white heads, black heads are resultant of excessive oil in our body.

Pastries and chocolates and any bakery product are made from Plain Flour and lots and lots of grease; don’t forget the lactose, sugar and salt that go into sweet products.  All these are fats pump in excessive oil to our oil glands, the dust and pollution from out side block our skin pores resulting in black heads, pimples and other skin problems.  Excessive sugar in our system leads to flushed, hot dry skin resulting in pre-mature wrinkles.  This should explain how pastries and chocolates and milk shakes do no favour to the skin quality.

Coming to Indian Junk Food…..again Sweets!  Jalebis, Gulab Jamuns, Laddoos…. all these have the same effect on our system as parties and chocolates.  But what about Chaats??  How are they harmful?  So much of vegetables, eaten fresh and hot from the stove, then how??

INDIAN Junk Food

Well….chaats of all kinds have raw onions in them.  God knows when they would have been cut! God know how hygienic the person is who cut those onions!!  Did you know onions are extremely quick at accepting, absorbing and retaining bacteria, virus and such germs from contact and even air?  While eating chaats you are

swallowing germs expelled by the body of the person who cut the onions – could be flu virus, eczema in the fold of their skin or some dust under their nails….yuk…..  And then consider the way these pre-cut onions are stored – these pieces can absorb and virus or bacteria floating the air in vicinity.  Then there are the deep fired pooris, sev, pav with butter….not to mention all that excessive spices / masalas.  Let’s not forget a whole lot of sodium-bi-carbonate used in these commercial food – this dehydrates the skin.
What’s wrong with masalas?  We eat them everyday in our meals!

Well…remember every thing in Moderation and with the right mix or titration of ingredients!  Everyday food that we eat has the right combination of minerals, vitamins and proteins.  If these combinations and formulae are changed and excess of chilli or cardamom or black pepper are thrown in to change the taste of the food or to appeal to varied palates can have varied unpleasant chemical reactions in our body, leading to acidity or indegestion – core reasons for excessive body heat, dehydration and toxins prodution in blood.
Same holds good for our famous Indian Pickles!!

Oil is required for lubricating our joints and to give sheen to our skin and hair.  But then so far I have been saying that oily food is ‘junk food’!!  Well….again….”everything in moderation!”
2 capsules of Cod Lever or Fish Oil, 2 times a day with each big meal
2-4 tspns of Ghee spaced between all the big meals in a day
2 slices or cubes of cheese in a day
2 slices of buttered toast
Along with normal amount of cooking oil required for cooking – such as Olive(Pomace) Oil, Sunflower Oil, Rice Barn Oil….
A glass of milk at bed time
This much of greasy food in a day is enough for us….

Remember – tastier the food, worse it is for health and skin – what an irony!!

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Interiors affect Exteriors

I had been away to attend to some personal matters, hence, have not done any writing since a couple of weeks.  Now I am back and hopefully, will be more regular with this blog 🙂

To continue where I left off……

I already mentioned in my first page that the moment anybody speaks of skin care, we think of soaps, creams, lotions, etc.

Well, what is the point of spraying medicines on plants that have deceases in their roots?  First fix the roots.  Repair the interiors to help the exteriors bloom!

How do we fix our interiors for a glowing skin?  Simple! Eat right….after all you are what you eat!!

In previous three pages we talked about our basic everyday beverages that benefit our skin.  This page onwards, let us talk about some solid foods. Like, vegetables….

Raw vegetables….. First reaction is “oh no, I am not a goat or a cow”!  Well, we are animals called Homo Sepiens!
Actually the digestive system of Homo Sepiens was meant for eating vegetarian food only.  Over the years we have evolved and have been able to start digesting meat as well – but only to a certain extent.

In general, my observation has been that, compulsive or regular meat eaters suffer more from problems like indigestion, acidity, ulcers, stomach cancer etc. compared to vegetarians.  Ayurveda has a simple philosophy – root cause of all ailments is poor digestive system.  It does sound logical.  If digestion is not okay, undigested food get converted into toxins.  These toxins ente

r the blood stream and the saga of ill health begins.  We know that meat is not as easy to digest as vegetables, so that portion of meat which our digestive juices are unable to break down, rot in our stomach, create toxins in the system.  The blood contaminated thus, inside our body, shows up externally in the form of warts and rashes.  These warts and rashes are formed on the surface of the skin.

Vegetables have just the reverse effect on skin.  Yes, there are a few veggies like aubergine (Eggplant in USA, Bringal in India), some varieties of which could be harmful to skin.  But, across the spectrum, a large number of vegetables are good for health.  Vegetables purify blood and heal the skin.

Cooked or not, benefits are enjoyed by the body.  We all know that by cooking some of the nutrients will be gone – basic chemistry – chemical reactions between various proteins, minerals and vitamins present in a vegetable due to application of heat and the metal in which they are cooked, the reaction takes place.

So…. when eaten raw, vegetables are more nutritious and tasty.  Tasty, because we get to savour their actual taste and flavours.

Boring?? Uff?? Yuk??  No, not really.  It is very easy to get addicted to the taste of raw veggies – neat, no dressing! Ummmm….yummm….!!
Also, think of all the goodness of Raw Vegetables and you will WANT to eat them.  Best of all – you don’t have to spend time cooking after taking the trouble of cutting, and then cleaning up the cooking station!

Bitter Gourd/Melon


Best of all and most difficult to eat is raw Bitter Gourd (Melon)!  Hence, some people opt out for its juice.  I have personally known of a lady who religiously ate raw bitter gourd for a year and her skin got the texture that one could die for!  Bitter Melon is known for treating blood boils, itching due to eczema, psoriasis and other fungal infections like ring worm, athletes foot.

This vegetable is packed with Vitamins B1,2,3, C, Magnesium, Folic Acid, Zinc, Phosphorus, Manganese, Calcium, Iron, Beta-Carotene, Potassium.  This is like an all-in-one vegetable and as good as any multi-vitamin pills where nutrients are concerned.  However, like any other medicine, ensure to consume only one melon a day.  They say, pregnant women should avoid eating this vegetable raw, as the heat generated by this melon in the body could result in mis-carriage.
One recipe: One glass (about 220ml) of bitter gourd juice with 2 tspns of fresh lemon juice, a pinch of salt to taste.

Then there is good old Cucumber – packed with fluids helping in maintaining body’s hydration.  Carrot and beetroot, know for improving haemoglobin counts.

Try and start feasting on raw veggies and then you will see that not only will you skin texture improve, your weight will also get regulated, hair fall will be controlled.  You will save a fortune on multi-vitamin pills, skin treatments, hair care and more…

Happy Raw Veggie eating 😀

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Milky Ways or Spirits in Smoke?

We all want to look young, but none of us really behaves young.
We all want baby skin, but sneer at and call those who have good habits as “babies” or “sissies”
What irony!!

We think that once we are adults, we should give up good habits like drinking milk.  Alcohol and cigarettes are more suited for adults, milk is for babies.

Baby Skin

Well then, in that case, why don’t you just settle for ‘adult’ skin – open pores, wrinkles, pigmentation, dehydrated, scars, acne’s….. I can go on and on….

From the moment we are born, we are fed milk.  Why? Because only in milk there are all the vitamins, proteins and minerals that are essential for development of each and every cell in our body!  When we talk of skin, well, the zinc and vitamin A help prevent acne from inside, B-complex vitamins and proteins help prevent the ageing of skin, lactic acid clears the dead cells, fat content helps to moisturise and keep the skin hydrated ……all this put together we have enough manure from inside to keep the skin firm and glowing from the outside!  Now we know why baby skin is so beautiful!!

In contrast, if we drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes, we are figuratively, wringing out every ounce of water from our system.  Sure we drink water alongside while consuming these products, but then alcohol and cigarette even out the water we drink and not much is left for the skin to remain hydrated.

Left side is before getting
into habit of drinking Alcohol,
Right side is after contant
drinking for a week!

Alcohol has toxins that act as catalysts in cellulite (dead cells) build-up making the skin look blotchy and spotty.  most of us mix our spirits with cola (which already has caffeine), soda and other aerated drinks, this has completely reverse effect of drinking water.  A spirited drink not only dehydrates the skin, but also depletes the skin of vital nutrients.  resultant skin appears dull, wrinkled and aged.
The reason our face looks puffed and swollen the morning after a great party is because alcohol causes facial blood vessels to dilate.  Repeated or Over indulgence to this spirit can cause the vessels to dilate for good!
Also, any pre-exsting skin conditions becomes worse with alcohol consumption.

Similarly, smoking leads to premature ageing and wrinkles, along with serious conditions like cancer and psoriasis.  Even second-hand smokers are not spared of this curse!  That is why, at the risk of appearing rude, when I am with a smoker, I either ask them to put off their cigarette (if they are smoking) or do not give them permission to smoke (if they are decent enough to take my permission before lighting a killer).

As per some scientific studies, cigarette smoke reduces capillaty and arteriole blood flow, thus, damaging connective tissues required for maintaining healthy skin.  Also, it has been proved through research that smoking causes skin to age much faster than harsh sunlight; and as expected women are at greater risk than men.

Why not cut down on alcohol and quite smoking, get addicted to milk drinking to help preserve those good looks?

Its no wonder that even at the age of 75 my mother looked radiant and 10 years younger than her actual age!  She never stopped drinking milk.  She drank at least 220ml daily before going to bed.
I always hated the taste of milk, but Mom made sure to get some of it down my throat every day till I got married!  So, maybe, 28 years of milk drinking has given my skin some strength to survive my vices till now!!

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Coffee, Tea or….Chocolate?

In my previous page I stressed upon cleansing inside-out and we all agree that the best way to do it is by drinking water!
Oh well, what’s the big deal about it?  We all drink water; some more, some less.  Okay…those of us who drink less water will increase our intake. “So, now can we have some ‘tips’ on how do I get rid of pimples?”…..
Sure! But is it enough to drink water to cleanse the system?  What’s the point in drinking gallons of water if this is equalled out by consuming other stuff that are too acidic and dehydrating?  Again all the time and money spent on lotions and face packs would be a complete waste.
Some say black coffee is good for metabolism and weight reduction, so, no harm in downing a couples of cups a day.  Others say, tea is ‘safer’, so instead of black coffee, just go with black tea – it has less caffeine!  Well, friends the operating word is caffeine!!
Roasted Coffee Beans ready for grinding
Black Tea only has less caffeine that coffee, that might make us safer, but definitely not safe enough to have a glowing skin!  Apart from addictive nature of this chemical, caffeine absorbs moisture from the system to digest.  It uses the water in the body to get purged out of the system.  Recently when I went to my General Physician with a complaint of fluid-retention in ankles, she casually suggest I drink an extra cup of coffee as it works as diuretic!  This scared the daylights out of me!!
***************Courtesy Wikipedia****************** 
Caffeine has diuretic properties when administered to people who are not used to it, but regular users develop a tolerance to this effect, and studies have generally failed to support the common notion that ordinary consumption contributes significantly to dehydration. With heavy use, strong tolerance develops rapidly and caffeine can produce clinically significant physical and mental dependence.
Imagine! If I can cure fluid retention with caffeine, how much more water would one lose if they are addicted to coffee or tea!  I am certainly guilty of being addicted to at least one cuppa in the morning and one in the evening, and I have been sincerely working on getting over this addiction since past 10 years 😉
Why do you think infants and toddlers have such ‘to-die-for’ skin?  They are not given caffeine by their mothers.  So why do mothers start getting their children addicted to coffee/tea as the children cross the age of 10-12??  This has been a mystery to me all these years.
Process of Drying Tea in the factory
Add caption
But then Green Tea and White Tea are definitely much better than Black Tea.  Caffeine content in Green and White Tea is very low.  Surprisingly, though, all the varieties of tea are derived from the same plant, the tenderness of leaves and natural drying process of leaves of Green and White Tea do not have processed caffeine, so these teas are much better beverages and rich in antioxidants, making them almost good for the system!

Since Green and White teas have proved to flush out toxins from the system, they can actually help in improving skin quality!  Green Tea is better than Black since Green Tea, though air dried, it’s not fermented.  The possible skin benefits of Green tea are considered to be partial protection from UV damage, anti-inflammatory effects and skin matrix protection are likely to slow down the development of some signs of ageing.

White Tea
However, White Tea is even better since this is made from the tender most leaf & bud and naturally processed.  White Tea is recommended by Tea manufacturers for preventing wrinkles and improving skin elasticity.  It is considered to be even better for your skin than green tea.
If you plan on trying some form of tea-based skin treatment, you may want to consider white tea or a mixture of green and white teas.
So….in effect caffeine is bad for skin.  Coffee is most dehydrating of all everyday beverages that we all succumb to so easily.  Black tea is equally bad , but we get fooled into thinking it’s better than coffee.
In all this talk of Coffee and Tea, we have forgotten the most delicious beverage of all – Chocolate!!
Chocolate Beans
According to many a research conducted over the period of time, it has been proved that Chocolates are very good for skin.  Lately, we have seen the markets being flooded with many skin care products that claim to have chocolate cream in them.
Chocolates are also believed to have to antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.  Drinking or eating this regularly help the skin to appear smoother, denser and moisture skin and reduced wrinkles – in short, a younger looking skin!

This is why I guess, my Grand Ma and Mom forced me to drink that Bornvita and Horlics till my mid-teens!!

But always remember EVERYTHING TO BE IN MODERATION!  Too much of anything is equal to an overdose which is never good.