Product Disclosure

All our products are made from plant extracts and oils. We do not use animal fats or ingredients extracted from harming animals.  We do not test our products on animals.  All our ingredients are natural and free of petrochemicals.  We do not use artificial colours or preservatives or perfumes.

**We procure locally available raw materials. However, we do not take responsibility for processing methods used by raw material manufacturers. **

We encourage you to always try a small area of your skin before you use any new products for long term use. All our products are only for External Use.  However, if swallowed accidentally they are not very harmful.

If you are generally allergic to certain oils, or If you are pregnant, please contact your physician before using any of our products – especially the ones with essential oils.
We have special products for infants – available on request.

We have small packs for creams and balms. We also have a weekend-kit that contains small packs of our core products for trail – available on request.

We do not recommend use of our products for children under the age of 18 months.

Our soaps are handmade.  We follow the exact recipe each time a batch is made. Soaps bars may look different than what is shown in pictures due to creative efforts by the curator to try out new patterns and look.

Our soaps are individually hand cut.  Possibilities are, sometimes the weight of individual bars may vary by 1-2%.

Since we use only natural ingredients and allow natural curing of our products, weather conditions may play a major role in the final colour and texture of soaps and creams.

However, we put in all our efforts **to ensure** our products consistent. We periodically test our products to ensure quality is maintained.

We value your feedback and try to incorporate your suggestions in our processes

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